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There's been a lot of changes in the binary options trading industry in the last few years. ESMA regulations have hit small capital traders and investors in the EU where binary options trading is not an option for retail traders. However, the positive effect of rigorous regulation is that many shady brokers were swiped of the scene and we now have more flexible and potentialy more profitable online trading opportunities.

Where and what to trade in 2019?

The big players in the binary options industry have adhered to the new regulation rules and new models of trading are now available on many trusted platforms.

As an alternative to outdated binary options, we now have and opportunity to trade some similar instruments, which in many cases offer even better advantage to the traders.

  • FX Options is a trading instrument which offers short time frame trading, similar to binary options, however there's a big advantage. While your potential return is unlimited, the loss in confined to the initial trade investment.
  • CFDs, also known as 'Contracts for Difference' is an EU regulated type of trading derivates in financial markets (stocks, shares, currency pairs, commodities and indices). Winnings and losses are calculated based on the price change of the traded underlying asset and trading is possible in both directions (buy or sell).
  • Forex is a classic (buy or sell) trading, based on prediction of the price movement of the currency pairs. Custom leverage or multiplier can be used in order for the trader to control his risk and profit potential.
  • Smart Options offer the closest alternative to binary options with fixed returns on winning and losing trades. Smart options are based on Ethereum blockchain smart contracts and payouts can be immediately retrieved to your digital wallet.
  • Cryptocurrencies can be traded through different instruments, so you actually don't have to buy and sell cryptos on exchange markets. Instruments such as CFD's or Smart Options can be utilized for much easier and potentially more profitable gains from the cryptocurrency movements.

Best Brokers in 2019 - The Big Players

There are many brokers and platforms offering competitive and lucrative trading opportunities for small investors and day-traders and the persistent question is - 'How to choose the best broker?'. 

If you are going to risk your money with trading, you definitely want to trade with the big brokers. These are the ones who have been 'on the scene' for a long time and have a substantial number of clients. Besides having a reputable history, big brokers also provide substantial liquidity pool which ensures that traders will get paid even if they trade big money or if they achieve amazing winnings by starting small.

Step 2 - Learn the Basics and Optimize your Approach

Whether you decide to use the robot or trade manually, it is advised to learn the basics of binary options trading. Lots of basic information is provided by the brokers but you can also find some useful information right on this website.

Binary Options Guide for Beginners

  • You will learn where to get a free trading demo (no deposit needed) and how to start trading with no risk.
  • Learn the basics of binary options trading, how to read trading charts and use basic trading indicators.
  • Proceed with testing of some simple manual trading strategies or try out my trading robot for free.

Binary Options Guide for Intermediates

  • Traders who already have basic knowledge about binary options trading are usually looking for profitable trading strategies and systems.
  • Check out some of my own profitable strategies outlines and download my custom built binary options indicators and alerts.
  • Improve your profitability with the application of correct money management.

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