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OX Markets - Risk Free Trades (Cashback)

QUICK INFO: OX Markets offers the best 'risk free trades' deals when compared to 'risk free trades' deals offered by other brokers. Other brokers will offer you 'risk free trades' which are tied to certain terms and conditions (similar as bonuses), however OX Markets offers their clients actual cashback risk free trades with no hidden terms and conditions. And it gets even better ...


Best OX Markets 'Risk Free Trades' Offer (Cashback)

One of the reasons that might convince you to trade with OX Markets is their 'Risk Free Trades' offer. This is really a unique offer in the binary options industry and one of the best deals you can get.

To each trader that signs up to their platform using the link below, they will offer TWO REFUNDABLE TRADES of $25 for a minimum deposit of $250. On each $10.000 turnover you get 2 MORE RISK FREE TRADES, $250 EACH!


How does it work?

1. Click on the link below and open the offer page.

2. Register and make a minimum deposit of $250.

3. In case of losing a trade, Ox Markets will refund you the loss in CASH, that will be refunded to your trading account (not bonus, as it is the practice with other brokers). For the first deposit of $250 this is valid for TWO RISK FREE TRADES of $25. You can withdraw your profits and cashback at any time, no strings attached.


But the deal gets even better ...

When you reach $10.000 turnover (cumulative volume of winning and losing trades), which you can reach in a week or two if you like to make many trades, you will get another TWO RISK FREE TRADES of $250 EACH! And this is then repeated for every $10.000 turnover.

To get the idea about how fast you can reach the turnover you can take a look at the following example:

If you make an average of 20 trades per day with average investment of $50 per trade you will reach the turnover in 2 weeks (10 trading days) - 20 X $50 X 10 = $10.000

In this case you get awarded equivalent of $500 cashback every 2 weeks!

If you trade high frequency or 60 second trades and make a larger number of trades every day (for example 50 trades X $25 per trade per day) you will reach this condition even faster.



Unlimited Risk Free Trades - OX Markets

This is definitely the best 'risk free trades' deal available in the binary options market today.
It is especially recommended for traders who make more trades in a single trading session or who like to trade high-frequency trades.


More about OX Markets

Even if OX Markets is a relatively new broker, they have very good reputation and their popularity is rapidly increasing, especially in European countries. OX Markets offers binary options trading on 'Spot Option' platform and has a wide selection of assets. You can trade classic binary options, pairs, long term, 60 seconds, one touch, ladder and CFD/FX. OX Markets broker is regulated by CySEC, so the broker offers a regulated and safe trading. Their trading environment and platform and can be compared to those of any contemporary top broker.


OX Markets 'Risk Free Trades' Offer Review Summary

OX Markets 'Risk Free Trades' Offer Reviewed by Real Binary Options Reviews on .
Unlimited Risk Free Trades Offer by OX Markets Broker
Risk Free Trades (Cashback) offer by Ox Markets is the best 'risk free trades' deal when compared to any other brokerage deal.


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