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Nadex Binary Options Review

NADEX Review 2016 (USA): Best Binary Options Exchange Market for US Traders / USA Regulated / Safe & Secure

QUICK INFO: Nadex is one of the only US regulated binary option exchanges. If you are from USA and are afraid that a non-regulated broker will deny your payment, it is best to trade with Nadex. Nadex is regulated by CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and therefore represents 100% safe and secure trading environment.


Get the latest information about NADEX exchange and trading platform.

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Nadex Exchange Background and Regulation

Nadex on-line exchange was launched in 2004, offering a wide variety of trading different financial derivatives. At later stage Nadex was purchased by IG Groups Holding, based in U.K. Nadex is the first web based exchange market regulated by CFTC. As the platform is based on the exchange, it means that the traders are trading against each other, so there is no conflict of interest between the broker and the trader. The regulation and the exchange model makes Nadex the safest and most secure trading environment for traders that are US residents.

NADEX minimum deposit: $250
NADEX minimum trade: $1


Nadex Trading Platform and Interface

Nadex offers a proprietary trading platform with a huge variety of trading options. Binary options can be traded with stock indices, Forex, commodities, economic events and more. The platform is available in two versions, a browser/web-based trading platform and a mobile/tablet version. Nadex offers support to traders by providing a library of trading courses and examples, trading videos and even educational webinars. Nadex website is one of the most professional trading websites, packed with supportive information and their trading platform has excellent execution time, being almost instant. For a new trader it will take some time to get to learn all the possibilities of the their trading interface, however if you plan to stick only to binary options trading it will not be a problem to understand the binary trading platform in a few minutes.



For binary options a fairly wide variety of assets available. FX majors in addition to few different forex pairs (11), commodities (7) and indices (8). In addition you can also trade news events (Fed funds rate, Jobless claims and NFP). If you are a currency trader, you can find most of the highly traded Forex pairs on Nadex and if you like to trade Stocks, you will find a very versatile selection.


Types of Trading

Binary options trading on Nadex works a bit differently, when compared to other offshore brokers. Because Nadex is an exchange market, each option has a bid and offer price. Also, predictions can be placed in form of a 'ladder', each offering its own settlement rate. A trader that is familiar with binary options trading can quickly grasp the understanding of how Nadex deals the binaries and if help is needed you can find the tutorial and video explanations on the Nadex website.


Return Rates

On Nadex exchange market the return rates for binary options are calculated in real-time, based on bids and offers.  To understand more about how the return rates are calculated it is best to register on Nadex (it's free) and visit their learning center. It needs to be understood however, that as with classic binary options, your potential profit or loss is always known beforehand, at the time the trade is placed. You can also exit the trade early with lesser gain or loss, similar to 'early close' option offered by some classic brokers.



Get the latest information about Nadex exchange and trading platform.

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Nadex Exchange Website Features


Support and Education

RBO Extensive educational library is offered. To get the complete information it is best to visit the Nadex Learning Center and take a look at their educational courses, webinar archive, videos, trade examples and download their handbooks and tutorials. You can also join some of the live webinars.


Live Trading Accounts

Nadex offers only one type of binary options live trading account, same for all clients. There are no account levels, which can be seen offered by some other offshore brokers.


Nadex Demo Account

Nadex free demo account is offered to for all clients. You can open a free demo account to test out the platform. Demo account is funded with $25.000 virtual money and after you open your live account your demo will stay available forever for you to test your trading strategies.


Nadex Bonus

In current moment there are no sign-up bonuses offered by Nadex.


Safety and Security

As already mentioned Nadex can be considered 100% safe and secure trading environment for any trader. Again we would like to emphasize that in case of US trades, Nadex is the best choice, since no other regulated binary options broker can offer trading on their platform to US citizens. While traders from other world countries can trade with other fully regulated brokers (regulated in EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc ...), for traders from US, Nadex is the only one that is actually regulated in the United States.


Nadex Scam

Nadex is not a scam. Period.


Overall Review

NADEX is the only US regulated broker that offers binary options trading. It has excellent reputation and attractive features. Besides being the best and probably only safe choice for traders based in US they also offer excellent educational center and free demo accounts. Taking in consideration all the facts, Nadex is a broker well worth exploring.



Get the latest information about NADEX exchange and trading platform.

To visit NADEX trading platform - CLICK HERE


Review Information

Nadex Reviewed by Real Binary Options Reviews on . Only USA Regulated Binary Options Exchange/Broker. NADEX is CFTC regulated exchange market, offering binary options exchange trading marketplace for traders from USA. They provide excellent learning center and other lucrative trading features. Rating: 4.8


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