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Stock and Forex Charts and Graphs

Forex Charts and Stock Market Graphs

Best Free Forex Charts and Stock Market Graphs

QUICK INFO: Forex or stock market charting software is a tool used for tracking the past and current movement of stock and Forex prices. All stock graphs and Forex charts are going to offer current share prices, but above this, the features are going to vary. Regardless of the type of asset that is being traded, or the financial instrument that is being used to trade it, detailed information related to price action is extremely important. Some stock graphs are more popular than others. This is because they are highly functional and are made available at little to no cost to traders. Get the basic information about the best free Forex charts and stock market graphs.

MetaTrader4 - MT4 Forex Charts and Graphs

One example is the MetaTrader4 charting package. This tool was originally developed for the Forex marketplace, but traders soon discovered that it could also be used along with more than just currency pairs. The MetaTrader stock market graph must be downloaded, but it is available for free. Included assets may vary from MT4 software broker provider. Today, the MT4 chart is used by binary options traders, traditional market traders, and more.

Metatrader 4 Free Forex Charts Interface - Screenshot

Metatrader MT4 Free Forex Charts



Freestockcharts Forex Charts and Stock Market Graphs

Freestockcharts offers some of the most detailed stock and Forex charts available today. These charts are also available for free and can be used along with many different time-frames and a plethora of different indicators. These charts can be set up in many different ways and can be saved, exported, and even turned into a hyperlink and shared with other traders. Like MT4, freestockcharts are provided at no cost. Unlike MT4, there is no need for any download or installation, as everything can be done online.

Freestockcharts Free Stock Market Graph Interface - Screenshot

Freestockcharts Forex Charts and Stock Graphs

How to Set Up and Use the - FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL


Netdania Forex and Stock Market Graphs

Another option for those searching for a stock market graph is Netdania. In addition to stocks, this website provides detailed information for the Forex market. Netdania offers a variety of tools, many of which are free and some of which are not. They also offer trade signals, or alerts, which have become extremely popular over the past few years. Trade signals work by alerting traders to market conditions that are optimal for trading, and then go one step further by providing the specific actions that should be taken.


Netdania Free Stock Market Graph Interface - Screenshot

Netdania Stock Graphs and Forex Charts

Netdania Free Stock Market Graphs - LINK TO WEBSITE

Information Provided in Forex and Stock Graphs Charting Software

Regardless of the source, each stock market graph is going to contain information related to not only the current price, but also highs, lows, and median prices. Each will also include one or more indicators that will reveal price action in a specific manner. Price trends will be easy to locate within each stock graph, as will price volatility. Since price action can be studied for different time-frames, the price movement can be studied and examined from different points of view. Stock graphs can also provide accurate market entry and exit points. The internet is loaded with options for accessing a stock chart graph. However, not every provider is going to be able to meet the needs of every trader. There are different forms of trading and different analysis requirements that go with each. By evaluating some of the top stock graph options, such as the three mentioned above, traders should be able to find the graph that provides the exact functionality needed to closely analyze asset price movement for upcoming investments.



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