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Freestockcharts is a free online service offering free Forex charts and stock graphs. Service offers huge collection of assets, basic and advanced indicators and additional trading tools. You can create your custom profile and set your own trading alerts. Learn how to use Freestockcharts.

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Trading Binary Options with Technical Analysis on

Current market information is vital to profitable trading and for many, provide a reliable source for gathering this data. Whether the chosen form of trading is the traditional markets, CFD, Forex, or binary options, price data will need to be analyzed in order to determine where the price of a selected asset is going to move next. When this data is combined with any of the proven basic or custom indicators, determining the forthcoming price action can be a simple process.

100% Free Stock Charts

Obviously, part of the appeal of free stock charts is the fact that there is no cost. Most charting tools and packages are only available once a fee has been paid. While free is always good, there is more to consider. A high level of functionality is a must if asset price analysis is going to be accurate. Regardless of the trade format, important factors such as support and resistance, upper and lower record prices, and the median price range must be taken into consideration.

Making consistent profit with binary options trading is definitely possible, however most beginners fail already in the beginning. Binary options trading has to be learned the right way, and there are many traps awaiting for novice traders.

Let's see the most common scenario and how to avoid it.

Freestockcharts Features

What freestockcharts deliver is a customized approach to data processing. Various time frames ranging from one minute to one year can be selected for analysis. A scrolling ticker helps traders to quickly identify price trends so that fast action can be taken if needed. A number of important indicators are also provided, including Bollinger Bands, MACD, Moving Average, RSI, Stochastics, and many more can be accessed with just one click. All chart data can be exported and saved. Chart images can be saved as well.

Among the more interesting features found at is the drawing tool. This tool allows trend lines, Fibonacci, regression lines and more to be sketched directly onto the chosen chart. Text notes may also be placed directly into the chart at any point. There are various layouts available, a fact that will likely help traders who have a preferred view of price action. There are also options for viewing the chart in full-screen mode and creating a hyperlink for each chart so that the data can easily be shared with others online.

Freestockcharts Custom Profile

Although freestockcharts can be accessed and used without the need for registration, taking the time to complete the registration process will allow for portfolio creation and management. Registration requires just a few minutes and only basic information. Once registered, users can not only save their own personal charts, but can also view the custom charts that have been created by others so long as they have decided to share them with other users. Lastly, by creating an account, the latest updates and addition announcements will be received via email.

For those who have already used various charting packages, the first visit to will quickly show how helpful and detailed this tool is. Novice traders will discover that the tool is easy to use and can be used along with only the most basic indicators while learning how to trade. Paying big bucks for high quality charts is now a thing of the past for all who decide to utilize freestockcharts online.

So what is the best way to start trading? To keep it simple, there are only three main rules that need to be followed.