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arrow12.23.2015 - Real Binary Options Signals - Ready to Launch in January 2015

After more than a year of development we are ready to start our own signal service for binary options trading. Make sure you get all the information on time. Visit our site at and register for a free presentation webinar. Webinar will be organised in January 2016, when we start our service! We wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


Visit Real Binary Options Signals Website – CLICK HERE


arrow12.4.2015 - TradEqual Binary Options 'peer-to-peer' trading platform launches in December 2015 - NEWS RELEASE


What is TradEqual?

TradEqual is a new binary options trading broker and platform with a completely new approach and concept of binary options trading. As opposed to classic binary options brokers where a trader trades ‘against the broker’, TradEqual is based on ‘peer-to-peer’ trading. The name itself is derived from the 'Trade Equal', meaning that the broker only serves as an intermediate service between the traders.


What is binary options ‘peer-to-peer’ trading?

Peer-to-peerr trading means that every trader trades against other traders. Every trader has the possibility to WRITE his option, as well as to TRADE against the options that other traders have written. Even if this might sound complicated it is in essence very easy. The trading interface functions are almost the same as with classic binary options brokers.

The main difference is that the return rates offered for different assets change based on the number of written options. This can be understood as the supply and demand for each option. For example, if 100 traders are WRITING an option for the price of certain asset to go UP and only 50 traders are covering the option in the opposite direction DOWN, then the UP trade return would be roughly 50% and DOWN trade return rate would be even up to 150%.


What are TradEqual advantages over classic binary options brokers?

The main advantage is that the broker has no interest whatsoever to manipulate the charts in their favor or make any kind of problems that would result in obstructing their traders to make profit with binary options trading on TradEqual platform.

As opposed to classic binary options brokers, TradEqual broker actually makes the profit when their traders make profit. TradEqual is financed by taking a small percentage of every winning trade. This percentage is much smaller as with classic brokers who take 15% – 20% of the trade value in case of LOSING trade. TradEqual takes only around 1% profit on a WINNING trade!


How to trade with TradEqual?

If you have prior experience with binary options trading, it is very simple to switch to TradEqual. TradEqual will also offer a binary options trading school to teach new traders how to trade the binary options market.


When and how can I start trading with TradEqual?

TradEqual binary options broker should launch their service already in December 2015. You can register on their website and you will be notified when they open to the public. There are already over 500 traders waiting in line for the launch.


TradEqual Review

We will publish full TradEqual review and tutorial as soon as the service opens to the public! For full review CLICK HERE.


Visit TradEqual Website – CLICK HERE


arrow15.9.2015 - Brokers using SpotOption platform (CherryTrade) no longer accept USA traders.

All brokers who are using SpotOption platform are now because of regulations limitied to accept non-US traders only. Mainly this affects the change regarding one broker (CherryTrade) who is endorsed on this website and was accepting USA traders. So, CherryTrade no longer accepts USA traders, but is still considered a very good broker and can be recommended as a safe broker for non-US traders.



arrow7.8.2015 - JAX Signals Autotrader Release Info (Nadex Autotrader for Binary Options)

A new Nadex autotrader for Binary Options was just released by John Anthony developers. These are the guys behind good trading products and the JAX Auto Signals is expected to also bring good results. Beta release is out and you can get a 14-days free trial. The product is in development phase - get the full and updated information here:

Read the full article here:



arrow16.2.2015 - Optimarkets SCAM ACTIVITY no.2 - Caution!

Received another negative report connected with Optimarkets broker. Apparently one of the traders lost the access to his trading account with explanation that this broker is not regulated in U.K. and due to this his account (with funds on it) was terminated. No other explanation or refund was given to the trader. Will update on this situation if I get new info.



arrow28.1.2015 - RBOptions discontinues to accept traders from USA

RBOptions discontuinues accepting US traders to ther platform. I am removing RBOptions from my binary options brokers USA list.


arrow18.1.2015 - Binary power Bot - Bad Experience Report

Thanks to the report I received from one trader about bad experience with Binary Power Bot, I am adding this service to the list of scam signals/bots. For full scam list click here. Find the full report below:

"Hi - Given that you have a very helpful and informative site with binary option traders' interest in mind (such a rarity in this industry), I feel the need to let you and your follower base know that you should not be endorsing Binary Power Bot. I purchased their software for $69 after having analyzed their posted trades on their website. Once logged in the software starts a fake demo trading account with fake signals that have very little losses and very nice gains! Unfortunately I got too excited with the fake results and didn't do my due diligent homework. I signed up with their required broker , deposited $500 and turned the software to live autotrade mode. With $10 per trade (minimum amount), the robot opened 84 trades in a matter of 4 hours!! and my account balanced dropped 15% at which point I disabled it. They show "real time" trades on their website and they always start the day with a $250 account balance and manage to end the day by doubling or tripling the account. What they fail to show is the 80% losing trades that their robot is placing. Another telltale sign is the "social" area in their software which is constantly flashing fake names of people who are depositing fake money and making fake profits. I sent numerous emails to them asking for an explanation of the discrepancies and the poor performance of the robot but never received any response."


arrow6.1.2015 - Updated Review of Stockpair broker

Stockpair has shown very good performance in 2014. Based on this I updated the review for 2015 and will give this broker more exposure in 2015. To watch the video review and read the updated article - CLICK HERE.

arrow27.12.2014 - RedWood Options discontinues to accept traders from USA - effective in start of 2105

RedWood Options will unfortunately discontuinue accepting US traders to ther platform in the beggining of the next year (2015). I am removing RewoodOptions from my binary options brokers USA list.


arrow25.12.2014 - Empire Option changes withdrawal process rules

Just got this info through e-mail concerning anyone trading with Empire Option broker. Thought it's good to share ...

"Be aware of EmpireOption. They changed rules and now you can not withdraw YOUR money one you deposit even without Bonus. Here is Section 11A from their terms and conditions: 11.A. Withdrawal Procedure Users without membership: (This will be most people as many traders do not invest enough to get into the higher categories) - Waiting period: 10 working days - Minimum amount of operations: 20 <—- This is the catch. You have to make at least 20 trades to withdraw your own money. - Cost: 50 USD - Minimum withdrawal: 200 USD Bronze membership: - Waiting period: 7 working days - Trades opened: 15 Silver membership: - Waiting period: 4 working days - Trades opened: 10 Gold membership: - Waiting period: 2 working days - Trades opened: 5 First withdrawal is free. Next withdrawals will be charged with the mentioned amount. To perform any kind of withdrawal in our platform, users must perform a minimum of operations (depending on the membership). These operations are open trades in the traditional form of binary operations with a minimum investment of 25 units (dollars / euros) each. The amount of net earnings investor can withdraw monthly depends on his or her membership level. <– They also restrict how much you can withdraw in earnings. - Without membership: 500 USD/EUR per month - Bronze Account: 2.000 USD/EUR per month - Silver Account: 3.500 USD/EUR per month - Gold Account: 5.000 USD/EUR per month - PLATINUM Account: Limitless."


arrow23.12.2014 - Personal Investors Hour - New Product Release

Added a presentation of 'Personal Investors Hour'. Video includes a short presentation and summary of the main features of this trading product.

To watch the full video presentation on Youtube - CLICK HERE.


arrow23.12.2014 - Binary Options Diamond - New Product Release

Added a presentation of 'Binary Options Diamond'. Video includes a short presentation and summary of the main features of this trading product.

To watch the full video presentation on Youtube - CLICK HERE.


arrow23.12.2014 - Price Action Formula - New Product Release

Added a presentation of 'Price Action Formula'. Video includes a short presentation and summary of the main features of this trading product.

To watch the full video presentation on Youtube - CLICK HERE.


arrow22.12.2014 - Core Liquidity Markets Review & Tutorial

Added a presentation of Australian broker - Core Liquidity Markets. Video includes a short Tutorial on How to Open a Free ' No Deposit' Binary Options Demo Account and trade on Metatrader 4 platform.

To watch the full video presentation on Youtube - CLICK HERE.


arrow13.12.2014 - Binary Option Robot - Free Automated Trading Software

Added a presentation of a fully automated binary options trading software/service - 'Binary Option Robot' ...

To read the full review and presentation - CLICK HERE


arrow24.10.2014 - Lbinary - SCAM ACTIVITY - Caution!

Received extensive report about Lbinary making unauthorized withdrawal from one trader's account and causing many other problems resulting in unauthorized money loss. Use caution with this broker!


arrow22.10.2014 - Trade4me Social Signals

Trade4me is built on a completely new concept of binary options signals sharing and auto trading that works in favor of the traders. Check the website to understand how it works. You can follow the signals of other traders or you can even sell your own signals!

Check the site for more info and SIGN-IN FOR FREE


arrow22.10.2014 - Optimarkets SCAM ACTIVITY - Caution!

Received an update on the situation with Optimarkets broker. This broker caused some serious losses to traders - refusing payouts, blocking accounts etc ... Use caution and best to avoid this broker.



arrow28.1.2015 (Updated) - John Anthony Signals shows Good Results - SCAM or NOT SCAM?

I have been getting some mixed reports about this service. First I recieved reports that is good service, later some supposed traders reported bad performace and the latest mail I got is that my 'scam caution' report is not in place, because the service is really good.

As I did further investigation I found many confirmations that John Anthony Signals service is really one of the legit binary options signlas providers and has many sattisfied customers. At this point I have no other option as to give it a 'thumbs up'.

I have to say that I did not test the service by myself, because currently I am very busy with development of some other binary options trading solutions. For anyone who wants to test the John Anthony Signals hopefully the 3DAYTRIAL code is still active, which allows you to test the service for 3 days for free. Maybe also other options are available. Check for current offers HERE.

If you decide to test the service please report your experience here to help other traders in finding good binary options trading solutions ... I would like to give all visitors real info abut this, but unfortunately at this point I am very busy and do not have the time to test the John Anthony signals service properly ... all comments, positive or negative are welcome ...


arrow20.10.2014 - Interactive Option SCAM ACTIVITY - Caution!

Received reports about Interactive Option causing withdrawal problems.


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