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Binary Option Robot - Review and Presentation

Basic Information and Presentation of 'Binary Option Robot' Automated Trading Software

QUICK INFO: Binary Option Robot is a FULLY AUTOMATED trading software for binary options trading. It enables a trader to select different risk level settings and connects with a fair list of brokers. Recommended for any trader who wants to open a new trading account and is interested in automatic trading solutions for binary options.


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Binary Option Robot Review

There are quite a few binary options robots and automated trading solutions, but 'Binary Option Robot' is one of the few rare FULLY AUTOMATED services that trades on behalf of the trader. Four different trading modes are available, classified by the risk level - Low Risk, Moderate Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk. Each mode uses a bit different signals algorithms, but the main difference is in the number of daily signals each setting will produce. High Risk will produce even up to 15 valid signals per day, whereas Low Risk will produce only a few and in some days even none, if the algorithmic conditions are not met in that day trading session.

Binary Options Robot can be connected with quite a few brokers built upon SpotOption trading platform. Eight brokers are offered at the moment, and from these, each trader is able to find the one that meets his trading preferences. Some signals will be placed only with certain brokers, as the other ones may not provide the choice of an asset or expiry time defined in the signal. That is why the trading results will also differ based on the selection of a broker. Historical data presenting the past signals performance, as well as monthly profitability is presented directly on the Binary Option Robot Website.

One of the main advantages of the robot is that it is offered completely for free. However, you will need to sign up for a broker from their list to be able to connect the Binary Option Robot API to the platform, which will allow it to place the automated trades. This offer is especially welcome for beginner traders who do not yet have an account with any broker. If you open a new trading account trought Binary Option Robot you will be able to test it out and use it for free. However, if you want to trade manually or with any other automated software, there is no need to use the robot - you can simply disconnect it from your trading account at any time.


Binary Option Robot Software

There is no need to download or setup any software on your computer with Binary Option Robot. The interface is functional on-line and all preferences can be set directly under the service members area section. When you adjust your settings and connect the robot to your broker, the robot wil place the trades automatically. To control the level of risk the robot features a 'stop-loss' setting which, in case the system makes a few bad trades, enables you to automatically shut it down for the preset trading session. This is a very wellcome feature, as the trading algorithms preform differently in different market conditions.


Binary Option Robot Scam

Binary option Robot is not a scam service, since all the results are transparently presented and traders can view the full historical performance data for different trading modes and brokers. It is a free service to test and if you don't like it, you simply have the option not to use it. Many reviews rate 'Binary Option Robot' as the best fully automated solution for binary options trading. As such it deserves a place to be also presented on this very website.



Real Binary Options Robot


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