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Stochastic oscillator is one of the basic and popular trading indicators. It is a 'momentum indicator' which defines relative overbought and oversold price levels. It is simple to understand and very useful to combine with other trading indicators. Learn how to use Stochastic for binary options trading.

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Stochastic Indicator Explained

Stochastic oscillator is one of the widely used indicators for Binary Options Trading. As the name implies, stochastic oscillator is a curve which is oscillating between two levels - 0 and 100.

Stochastic is a momentum indicator which measures the divergence of a price in comparison to its price range over a predefined period of time. A 'period' number defining the stochastic curve (Example: stochastic period 14 or stochastic period 50 etc.) determines how many 'candles' in the past the stochastic indicator uses to calculate the price divergence. Measurement is calculated based on the asset's high and low price during a given period of time, so this setting determines how fast the stochastic curve will oscillate between the levels of 0 and 100.


Download RealBinary Stochastic Strategy Alert MT4

RealBinary Stochastic Alert for Metatrader4 is a versatile indicator, which allows setting multiple types of alerts based on different rules and conditions of Stochastic Oscillator indicator. In addition it offers the possibility to set different types of fully customized alerts.

RealBinary Stochastic Strategy Alerter - Video Instructions

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1. Signal Types Switches:

1.1. Down Signal Switch - Alerts the DOWN trade action.
1.2. Up Signal Switch - Alerts the UP trade action.

2. Indicator Main Settings:

2.1. Stochastic %K Period Setting
2.2. Stochastic %D Period Setting
2.3. Stochastic Slowing Setting

3. Indicator Alert Types:

- Sound Alert
- Popup Alert
- Email Alert
- Call URL Alert
- SMS Alert

4. Indicators Alert Conditions:

- Stochastic Closes Above/Below predefined level.
- Stochastic Crosses Above/Below predefined Level.
- Stochastic Moves Up/Down.
- Stochastic Change is more than predefined level.
- Stochastic Main over Signal line crossovers.
- Stochastic movement patterns.

Indicator Settings

Stochastic RealBinary Alert MT4 Settings