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Algobit Signals Strategy - Thumbnail

Algobit Signals Strategy

Binary Options Strategy with Algobit Signals and 5 Minute Expiry

QUICK INFO: Binary options trading strategy with re-confirmation of algorithmic signals is yet another very simple strategy suitable for beginners (or advanced traders).


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What is Algobit?

Algobit is a signal service and trading platform all-in-one, offered by one of the trusted brokers (OptionBit). The registration for the Algobit system is completely free and you do not have to make a deposit to be able to monitor the signals and test the service. However, if you want to trade for real you will have to make a minimum deposit of $200. Minimum investment into each trade is $5. If you register for a trading account with Algobit you will also be able to trade on the OptionBit platform with same trading account.


Algobit Testing

Testing of the short-term signals provided by Algobit algorithms shows best results for short term trades with 5 minute expiry times generated in the less volatile forex market. Depending on the market conditions the signal efficiency may vary from 50%-70%.


Algobit Signals Confirmation Strategy

Over 30 consecutive winning trades have been reported with use of this strategy! The signals confirmation strategy uses the most efficient Algobit signals which are additionally filtered with ADX to determine less volatile market, Stochastic to determine fast overbought or oversold conditions and RSI to determine slower overbought or oversold conditions. Forex data charts on this page are provided as help with signal re-confirmation. Of-course, additional indicators can be used for signal filtering. Below are the full simple rules of the system.

Rules of the trading system:

1. Wait for the SHORT TERM CURRENCY SIGNAL provided by Algobit.

2. Open the traded CURRENCY in the DATA CHART on this webpage.

3. If the Algobit signal for the traded currency is DOWN use the technical analysis data chart on 5 MINUTE SETTING to confirm the signal. Signal is confirmed in the following order if the:

- StochRSI value is Overbought or Sell (around or above 80)

- ADX is WEAK or NEUTRAL (below 35)

- RSI value is Overbought or Sell (around or above 70)

You can experiment with additional indicators for stronger signal confirmations.

4. If the signals for the traded currency is UP use the technical analysis data chart on 5 MINUTE SETTING to confirm the signal. Signal is confirmed in the following order if the:

- StochRSI value is Oversold or Buy (around or below 20)

- ADX is WEAK or NEUTRAL (below 35)

- RSI value is Oversold or Buy (around or below 30)

You can experiment with additional indicators for stronger signal confirmations.

5. When you confirm the signal enter the trade with 5 MINUTE EXPIRY in the Algobit console.


Click REFRESH button every time before you select the currency in the data chart! Refresh

Primary Confirmation Chart

NOTE: The Technical Analysis Chart is provided by 3rd party service. If it is not displayed at this moment it is only a temporary surge and it will be back and working very soon ...

Secondary Confirmation Chart (optional)

You can use the chart below as an option to additionally confirm the signals. Recommended confirmation would be to enter the short term trade UP when the 15 min (rarely) or/and 60 min (more often) data for the traded currency shows STRONG BUY or BUY, and to enter the short term expiry trade DOWN when the 15min (rarely) and/or the 60min (more often) data shows STRONG SELL or SELL.

This Technical Analysis is powered by


In this case you are trading in the direction of continuation of the longer trend, catching the end of short term reversal. With this additional confirmation you will be able to enter less trades as by only using the primary chart, since the signals will be additionally filtered. However short term reversals in stronger trending markets can yield better overall statistical results, according to generally accepted understanding of the forex market dynamics.




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