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Many binary options signal services do not provide the advertised results. There are many services that use trading signals as a cover for earning affiliate commissions from brokers and they have no interest to actually provide profitable signals. Learn to recognize fake and scam trading signals services.

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How to Recognize Scam?

There are numerous signal services which falsely advertise their performance with simple intention to get the one-time fee or monthly subscription from their users. Once registered, a user will notice that the real performance hardly reaches the advertised results. While these services can already be considered scam, there are other signal services, who take another another step further to take advantage of uneducated beginner traders.

These type of pure 'scam' signal services are directly connected with the brokers and they receive the commission from the brokers. The signals they provide are deliberately false, since they actually want for the traders to lose their investments to be able to split the commission with the affiliated broker.

You are able to recognize such signal services by their offers in which they will often offer you '1 month free subscription to the signal service, if you register with specific suggested broker or brokers'. You can be pretty much sure that by following their advice and signals you are going to lose your investment in one month of trading.

How to Select a Good Binary Options Signal Service?

When you are choosing a signal service you would want to avoid 'subscribe with 'this-or-this' broker and get 1 month of our free signals' or similar offers as in 90% of cases these services do not perform in profitable results.

All other services are left to your decision to explore and test. As already mentioned - many of them will offer a free or minimum fee testing period with money back guarantee. Choose the service based on your trading preferences and trading style and if you don't want to open another brokerage account make sure that the signals are compatible with your binary options broker.

Other Similar Offers That are Not Scams

However, there are many binary options signal services who will offer you free testing period of a few days or a week, and these services are not to be confused with previously described 'scam' services. The testing period is offered simply to be able to test their performance, and this is definitely a welcome offer.

Also many services will suggest the compatible brokers for their signals. Because of the difference in traded assets or expiry times, not all types of signals can be traded with just any broker.

The suggestion of a binary options broker is especially the case with signal providers (algorithmic or bots) who offer automated trading. In these cases you need to register with one of the brokers they recommend (if you are not already registered with one), simply because their automated trading interface is coded for specific brokers platforms, and automatic trading will not work just with any platform. Usually these providers offer a selection of a few brokers, and a choice of a trusted broker is always available.

List of Unrecommended Binary Options Signals Providers

I am not claiming that the listed binary options signal services are 'scam', however, I would advise to proceed with caution when signing-up with the listed services or buying the listed products ...

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